Bernardi and Hanson spin out Senate vote for Nauru bill, as Morrison vows not to let it pass – question time live

Encryption legislation a likely casualty of 4.30pm adjournment as government fights defeat on Kerryn Phelps’ offshore detention medical evacuation legislation. All the day’s events, live

4.17am GMT

A few more of your take aways:

Chris: As a former staffer now living in China, the year started (sort of) with me drinking pink bubbly with a lesbian bar owner after the House of Representatives passed the Same Sex Marriage bill by an overwhelming majority.
However, it wasn’t long into 2018 before we returned to the same sort of back-biting and infighting that the Coalition is used to. We saw Barnaby Joyce relegated to the backbench and the introduction of the “bonk ban,” where he promptly started undermining the PM. The climate wars continued to bubble away, along with the culture wars left over from the Same Sex Marriage bill. The Coalition removed a sitting PM for reasons that make no sense, and replaced him with someone that wasn’t actually on the original ballot!
What really stuck out for me was having intelligent people ask me “What’s wrong with your politicians?” This was coming from people of all nations, whether they were Chinese, American, British, Italian, Colombian, Indian, Canadian… in a year of crazy politics, Australia seemed to be the oddest sore thumb among them all.
Regardless of what MPs tell you, the Coalition is almost certainly in for a hiding at the next election. It’s going to be bad.

4.14am GMT

As it stands now, the government, with help from Cory Bernardi and Pauline Hanson, look to have successfully, wound down the clock on the Senate debate on the medical evacuation bill.

It looks like the government are going to keep the scheduled adjournment at 4.30pm, sacrificing the passing of the encryption bill.

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