Brexit: Hammond tells MPs UK cannot afford economic costs of no deal Brexit – Politics live

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2.18pm GMT

My colleague Jessica Elgot has more on the cabinet minsters going into Number 10 to see Theresa May. (See 1.52pm.)

Cast list is Smith, Lidington, Gauke, Hammond, Rudd, Bradley, Leadsom, Fox, Barclay and Gove

2.15pm GMT

On the subject of the value of trade deals, it is worth flagging up this chart from the government’s Brexit economic impact analysis (pdf) – which confirms that the government does disagree with David Davis. (See 2.02pm.)

It shows how, under various Brexit options, some economic factors would be good for growth (they are the shaded blocks above the line) and others would be bad for growth (the ones below the line). The gains to the economy from new trade deals are relatively minuscule compared to the extra costs generated by the UK being outside the single market or the customs union.

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