Exciting moment, as man visits the fashion training centre for the deaf persons….

Exciting moment, as man visits the fashion training centre for the deaf persons. .
Jude (@wilfred.jude) writes:
Knowing the deaf culture and hard to hearing persons is exciting. Training them all for free to get empowered and integrated into our society of constant competition is even more exciting.
I first saw their works on Tundeednut when he posted about the woman and how she trains the deaf in learning fashion designing and since then, I have been interested.
Following their works on IG and having visited them, @migliorestitches with my colleagues, I feel they deserve even the least support to complete their training.
We implore the public to kindly support/sponsor them in empowering the deaf. This is commendable. 
I already posted on my IGTV as well. [SWIPE TO WATCH ALL]

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