Federal election 2019: Shorten and Morrison to deliver final pitches – politics live

Both leaders will deliver their final speeches to voters, with just 48 hours left to win over the undecided. All the day’s events, live

12.22am BST

Speaking of political discourse, Pauline Hanson was on Today this morning, having a go at the hosts for asking her questions. And you know, as Scott Morrison has told us, if you have a go, you get a go.

Qustion:…the latest Newspoll, it shows support for One Nation collapsing to just 4%, on par now with Clive Palmer’s party. I suppose in light of all the things you have faced, all the scandals that’s been going on, can you blame people for having their doubts about One Nation and considering Clive over you?

I have a beer with a lot of Aussies and we have a chat. I enjoy that and I love that. It has been down to earth. It is nice to know people want to have a beer with me because I’m one of the guys out there – I’m an Aussie who feels so disheartened with what is happening to my country and I want a voice. That’s all people want – honesty and integrity from members of the Parliament to the best of their ability.

If you are going to vote One Nation, thank you very much and I’ll work by butt off to try and do the best for you.

12.18am BST

Both leaders are in Sydney, doing early morning campaigning, before their last speeches for this campaign.

But the whole election has boiled down to these messages.

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