President Aspirant, Omoyele Sowore speaks… Omo, Sowore no dey fear anybody Ooo…

President Aspirant, Omoyele Sowore speaks… Omo, Sowore no dey fear anybody Ooo 🤣🤣🤣

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  1. Years and time ago the youths of Nigeria 🇳🇬 said they are suffering and tired of the old men ruling them they wish for a young man who has to backing of godfathers a well educated bold inspiring man who will stand and fight for the youths a youth for that and mercy came and bring out @yelesho sowore now the prayers have been answered the same suffering youths are saying he may not win shouting and rooting for the same old people who have enslave them what a degenerate race of youths sincerely if we miss this man @tundeednut stop giveaway I will personally make sure any nigerian youth dying I will look away because I will believe we are under a spell..

  2. @instaosi my brother I wish vote count in dis country .. did hear the latest about Inec huh?? Apc have 💯 plan on this election..either win or not they know dare way to win D game of the president daughter appointed as a new INEC shit..that show you how worst dis country….Sowore I’ll become Nigeria president but not this 2019 💯 sure sir ..

  3. @instafunnyafricans The cabals will only have their way if you and I let them. In order to not let them, we have to get out there and exercise our rights by voting and making sure votes are counted in our presence. First of, let’s drop all of the negativity and focus on the positives. By that I mean we shouldn’t say he will not rather we should propagate his win. We shouldn’t fear the cabals rather we should ignore them like they don’t exist. We shouldn’t undermine our power, we should rather believe in the power we have which is greater than any cabal or incumbent or godfather. Let’s start from you and I brother. Sowore will win and we will take it back!!!

  4. @mhiz_fehintola can you do it pls cos if you can come out with tangible and cogent reason so we can back you up ..he said things can work in our country after all he’s not going to use his money We need ideas pls IDEAS all these naija yourg self


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