Researcher recounts how his friend and secretary once resorted to prayers inste…

Researcher #Modupe, recounts how his friend and secretary once resorted to prayers instead of performing CPR on him

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  1. Which is why we educate and promote first aid kit and cpr knowledge. It’s very essential and they are life-saving lessons to learn. I’m glad you knew what exactly you needed and you survived @kevwemodupe .

  2. @kitchen_affairs1 sharap ur mouth jare….people shud stop been so dumb with wat the church makes u all to think now in nigeria instead of been intelligent and know some basic life saving skills just u happen to help someone someday. will b far better than all this blind acts taught by pastors

  3. First of all!!!!! Please joor CPR is not done when one is choking!!!! If CPR was done on you, you would have been unconscious and if you are unconscious, how did you know that your friends were praying instead of helping you?!! Too many questions

  4. If only you knew God sent that your client whom he knew would be knowledgeable enough to perform a CPR on you (both your friend & Sec. that prayed simply had no idea on what to do they turned to God for help), Little things we take for granted. If you were to be alive then you would have called “Paul & Silas” fools instead of them to get a good lawyer to help them out of prison they were praying & singing. Acts 16:16-40, 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

  5. God bless you @freshprincelagos my people perish for lack of knowledge, in difficult situation turn to God,he is our present help in trouble!peharbs the prayers brought the one that knows what to do! Thank God for God.

  6. @princeofgrace do not condescend so low to giving up ur legacy, family stay together and fight together , if you want respect as a woman in Africa you have to prove it and earn it because being a woman as already minimized u in the presence of some people. Women in business in Africa are smart too .

  7. All these people saying the prayer made the helper come in…. You’re not alright.You can’t even be alright.That you see nothing wrong in people praying before seeking for help in an emergency shows how low you are in IQ!


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